Top 5 best casino players of all time

Although prize money earned from winning in casinos is great, one would agree that it is not easy to win. Many people enter casinos with lots of money and leave with the lesser amount or none. Not everyone wins but, in the history of wins, there have been many players who have won a majority of games they play despite the house having their edge. We know how difficult it is to win often, so we have dedicated this post to the top 5 best casino players of all time who have impressed people in the past as well as the present. If you haven’t heard of them, they are worth your interest.

  • Edward Thorp:
    Named “father of card counting” is Edward Thorp who is one of the greatest players of all time. He was a professor of mathematics and was introduced to the world of gambling when his friend took him and his wife to Las Vegas, the home of casinos. He started off with blackjack. He became so interested and involved in the game that when he went back, he used a computer from his university to find ways and means to win. He perfected his plays and also found out ways to have an advantage over the house even though it was a mere 1- 5%. He went back with all these ideas and kept winning. It was said that he won huge amounts of money every week till he was kicked out from some casinos. Later he wrote books that helped many blackjack players, and he even entered the Blackjack hall of fame.
  • Archie Karas:
    Archie Karas is another gambler who has been considered as the best casino player of all times. Born in Greece, he moved to America. He made history with the longest winning streak when he kept winning from 1992 to 1995. Did you know that he made more than 40 million dollars for a mere 50 dollars? He started out with just $50. Before this, he had also won 2 million dollars which he lost soon. However, the odds changed when he moved to Las Vegas and started playing again. He is also well known for his next winning and losing streaks.
  • MIT team:
    Have you watched the movie 21 that was released on 2008? The movie has been based on this MIT blackjack team. Not only this movie, but other movies and even books have also been released based on the story of the students. They started as a small club and were trained to excel in blackjack using their mathematic skills. They also trained themselves in teamwork which increased their chance of winning. They started off in real life action in Las Vegas. Their first week of wins gave them $400,000. After many wins, big casinos started banning them. They continued to small casinos and casinos in another country. However, because of their big wins, their reputation kept following them. They made a huge impact in the history of gambling and gamblers.

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